Who are these people?


Two truths and a lie:

One wrote a romance novel.

One worked for NASA.

One is black.


Actually, they're all true, but the trick is figuring out which one is black.

Maegan and Heather are Southern California natives who love Ian Somerhalder and free wine. Skills between them include standup comedy, singing opera and, of course, writing. However, both will admit that screenwriting is their favorite child.


Most recently they wrote for the new Disney show, Sydney to the Max. Maegan and Heather want their couple of fans to know that just because the show is about a mixed baby and her quirky blonde best friend does not mean that the show is autobiographical. The show was indeed already in the works by the time these two hopped on board.


In fact, Heather and Maegan have written for the Future Girl and Bad News web series' and for several stage plays (one is about a dyslexic, seven-year-old hypochondriac).


PS, if you meet them, they promise to tell you which one of them is black.